Creating Possibilities Throughout the Community

A New Space for Possibilities

After years of planning and hard work, the Pate Family gym is finally here! As the newest addition to St. Paul Catholic School, the gym provides all students with a space outside of the classroom to play, grow and develop lifelong skills.

Benefits of the Pate Family Gym

  • Improves Physical Education and Health
  • Instills Leadership and Sportsmanship Skills 
  • Supports Community Togetherness
  • Enhances Athletic Programs
  • Provides All Students with a Space to Play and Grow
  • Fulfills our mission statement by creating lifelong learners of mind, body, and spirit

Investing in Student and Community Growth

The benefits of the Pate Family gym reach beyond St. Paul’s athletic program. It provides new possibilities for all of our students and the entire community.

Donate to St. Paul’s Gym Campaign

Make a pledge and become part of the possibilities our new gym provides!

Gym Sponsorship Opportunities

Our Diocese has Victim Assistance Coordinators who are trained counselors and available to help anyone sexually abused by a priest, deacon, or other church or school personnel. At St. Paul Catholic Church, we have great concern, and hold in high regard, those who have suffered sexual abuse especially at the hands of the Church, including our Catholic Schools. Click here for more information.

About Us

St. Paul Catholic School has, as its specific duty, the complete formation of its students through spiritual, intellectual, social, aesthetic, emotional, and physical endeavors. This integration of faith and life is a part of a life-long process of conversion, until the student becomes what God wishes him/her to be.

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