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November 20, 2014 marked the first of a new annual event at St. Paul Catholic School that is hopefully very special in the lives of our middle school students. Our middle school students, grades 6, 7, 8, is starting a new “Knights” program in which the students as a whole are divided up between four different groups. Within these groups, they will work on team building, academic success, citizenship, competition, and service to the school, the diocese, and to the community.

These communities will enable all of students to have a feeling of belonging to a special group, and will foster a healthy spirit of excellence, team building, and service through various activities. The four knighting communities are called: St. Michael, St. Joseph, St. Stephen and St. Thomas More.

These names were chosen to honor four of the schools that contributed to Catholic Education in the Pensacola area, but are no longer in existence. We feel that by using these names we will be adding to the spirit of Catholic Education in the local Pensacola area. We continue the work that they started so long ago. The process began with the students learning about each of the schools that the groups were named for, then a spiritual reflection on their role in their families, school, and community. A high point in their preparation came with a trip to Basilica of St. Michael the Archangel and St. Joseph Parish to learn from Fr. Callipare and Fr. Fowler about the history of their respective parishes. The culminating event was the Knighting itself.

The ceremony was a lovely event in which 104 students were escorted into the church by the Knights of Columbus, individually “Knighted” by Fr. Kevin McQuone, and sent to serve within one of the groups mentioned. They will now begin in earnest to develop the mission of their individual groups.

In January, the four knighting communities will be paired with students in our lower grades. They look forward to many activities and opportunities for working together in service.

Partner Classes

Each grade level from PreK3-Gr.5 is partnered with a knight house. They will help to support that particular house with service project support, cheer them on during competitions, and earn points for their house by receiving green slips for individual acts of kindness, good works, or helpfulness that goes above and beyond the everyday norm. Each class will wear a t-shirt in the color of the house during special events to show their support.

St. Michael

Pre-K4 & 4th Grade


St. Joseph

Kindergarten & 2nd Grade


St. Stephen

Pre-K3 & 5th Grade


St. Thomas More

1st Grade & 3rd Grade


Our Diocese has Victim Assistance Coordinators who are trained counselors and available to help anyone sexually abused by a priest, deacon, or other church or school personnel. At St. Paul Catholic Church, we have great concern, and hold in high regard, those who have suffered sexual abuse especially at the hands of the Church, including our Catholic Schools. Click here for more information.

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St. Paul Catholic School has, as its specific duty, the complete formation of its students through spiritual, intellectual, social, aesthetic, emotional, and physical endeavors. This integration of faith and life is a part of a life-long process of conversion, until the student becomes what God wishes him/her to be.

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